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Past Events: ( 28-11-21 )

A Commemoration of the Duke of Clarence




A Commemoration of the Duke of Clarence

Sunday 28th November/All Day

Official opening by the mayor of Marlow at 11AM.

The 'Duke of Clarence' pub has kindly allowed Marlow Museum the use of the area beyond the bar for the day's activities, with the added benefit of use of their marquee and garden patio.

We welcome everyone who crosses the pub's threshold on Sunday, without murderous intentions, of course.

Craft displays and members of local organisations will complement the guided
tours of the curated exhibits. Don't be surprised to see one or two of us in medieval costume. Medieval music will add to the background ambience.

The pub will be offering a special cocktail menu to mark the occasion. Mulled wine will also be on offer to add to the seasonal nature of the event.

Marlow Museum will be selling merchandise including Christmas cards,
'The Story of Marlow' booklet and ‘The Children’s Story of Marlow’ booklet.

Entry to the event is completely free of charge.

There will be children's activities, including a fun quiz and 'designing your own coat of arms and shield'.

A seasonal 'Duke of Clarence' venison stew recipe sheet will be available, made with that very important ingredient, Malmsey wine.

Dave Part
Marlow Museum

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some history:


George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence (1449-1478), was the brother of Edward IV and Richard III and cousin & son in law of Warwick the Kingmaker. He played an important role in the Wars of the Roses, but forfeited his title after being convicted of treason against his brother. He allegedly met his end being ‘drowned in a butt of Malmsey’ and was buried in Tewkesbury Abbey. His only surviving daughter, Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, last of the Plantagenets, lived at Bisham Abbey.

Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick (1428–1471), known as Warwick the Kingmaker, was an English nobleman and military commander who changed sides in the Wars of the Roses. He became Earl of Warwick through marriage, and was the wealthiest and most powerful English peer of his age. He was buried at Bisham Abbey.

His title passed through the female line to George Duke of Clarence’s son, Edward Plantagenet, who was known as 17th Earl of Warwick (1475–1499), and was a potential claimant to the English throne during the reigns of his uncle, Richard III, and Richard's usurper, Henry VII. Edward was (unjustly?) executed for treason on 28 November 1499 aged only 24. Henry VII himself paid for Edward’s body and head to be taken to Bisham Abbey for burial.



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